Cytherea This is the story of Cytherea, known worldwide for being the “Queen of Squirt” and who took her stage name out of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Born on September 27, 1981 to a poor, single 18 year-old mother in Salt Lake City, Utah, she has three sisters and a brother. Coming from that environment, she still managed to become one of the top pornstars in the world today.

In school she was a dork. With pink glasses and an eye looking bigger than the other, all things that made all the kids in school to tease her. When her older sister got to her school she beat up those kids and Cytherea could become more outgoing and even joined the cheerleading squad. Her high school ages saw her change her looks and become more open to the world, and even though she wasn’t popular, she wasn’t unpopular either. She worked at a Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant for two and a half years before her porn career began.

After that she moved to Las Vegas and that’s where her crazy life begins. Dancing there she met her ex-husband Brian and got contacted by an adult modeling agency that saw her pictures in her Yahoo group. She didn’t know anything about porn, but they invited her to a naked bowling event in the Valley to see how she fitted in. When Belladonna attacked her she instantly knew she wanted to do this for a living.

From then on it’s a wild ride that took Cytherea from anonymity to stardom in few years. It was 2003 when she did her first movies - her first adult scene was with Tyce Bune in “I've Never Done That Before #14”- where her ability to squirt popped out as her most remarkable quality. Not only is how easily she can do it –she squirts almost every time she has an orgasm- is also the volume and number of times she can cum that make her special. She even measured one squirt reaching over 12 feet and has seen some going even further!

But apart from squirting, Cytherea has a wild side that has also helped her get to the top. Shooting her first anal in 2006 she can also do lesbian, gangbangs and BDSM where she always plays the submissive. In her personal life she is even wilder than in camera, having once taken 57 cumshots out of a train of 57 guys! And she has funny stories too, like squirting all over a cameraman and putting the camera off work with all the liquid after seven girls where pleasing her!

The 320 movies she has done are a clear reflex of how prolific her career has been and she keeps shooting and keeps squirting nowadays, even though her rhythm of movie production has decreased considerably in relation with her most prolific years at the beginning of her career. It was in 2004 and 2005 she got to do most movies and when she was recognized by the critics. First she won the 2004 XRCO Teen Cream Dream award and the following year she was elected by AVN as Best New Starlet.

From then on her life as a pornstar was as prolific as tumultuous her private life was. While she could work for the best producers and directors along with the top pornstars of the world, she abused of drugs and broke up with her husband. After detox and meeting her current husband she put all her things together. She got married in San Francisco and has two children now, but she keeps performing. To compensate the effects of pregnancy on her body she got a boob job and a tummy tuck done and came back with all her passion to keep soaking up sets!
Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs) Hair: Brown Measurements: 86-58-85 (32B-23-33) Birth date: 27 September, 1981 Videos: 54


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